langkawi, Malaysia

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Langkawi, authoritatively known as Langkawi the Gem of Kedah , is a locale and an archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Ocean, somewhere in the range of 30km off the terrain shoreline of northwestern Malaysia. If you would like to see everything, that this island offers, you can rent a car in Malaysia and start your trip right away. The islands are a piece of the territory of Kedah, which is nearby the Thai outskirt. On 15 July 2008, Sultan Abdul Halim of Kedah had agreed to the difference in name to Langkawi Permata Kedah in conjunction with his Brilliant Celebration Festivity. By a long shot the biggest of the islands is the eponymous Langkawi Island with a populace of about 64,792, the main other occupied island being close-by Tuba Island. Langkawi is likewise a managerial region with the town of Kuah as biggest town. Langkawi is an obligation free island.

The name Langkawi is thought to have existed by the mid fifteenth century, despite the fact that in the sixteenth century the island of Langkawi was additionally set apart on maps differently as Langa, Langka, Lansura, and Langapura.


There are numerous recommendations for the starting point of the name of Langkawi. As per one translation, Langkawi implies island of the ruddy dark colored hawk, a Brahminy Kite in everyday Malay The Malay word for falcon is helang – which is abbreviated to “lang”, while kawi is the name of a red stone utilized as a chalk to check merchandise. This translation was utilized to make the milestone model of a falcon as the image of Langkawi at Dataran Helang (Bird Square) in Kuah.


Some trusted that Langkawi is the same as or identified with the Lanka or Langkapuri said in Indian sources.[9] This antiquated name Lanka (or Lankapura and Lankapuri) is found in Indian writing from an early period (named in Ramayana as the city of the devil Ravana), in spite of the fact that the distinguishing proof of the first Lanka isn’t sure. “Puri” or “Puram” in Sanskrit implies a town or city. The name Langkawi is likewise thought to be identified with Langkasuka, an old kingdom thought by some to have joins with Kedah. Some additionally felt that Langkawi signifies “numerous lovely islands”, langka being a Sanskrit word signifying “delightful” while wi signifies “numerous”. There are many more interesting things about this place, so use car hire in Langkawi to get the best out of your visit in this wonderful place.


Why to visit Iangkawi?

Here are the best attractions in langkawi

  • Dataran Lang: The Eagle Square
  • Langkawi Sky Bridge
  • Langkawi Cable Car
  • Gunung Raya: Highest Peak in Langkawi
  • Underwater World
  • Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise
  • Paradise 3D Museum
  • Taman Lagenda


How to visit Iangkawi?

Here is the main airport of langkawi to book your budget tickets

Langkawi International Airport

Address: Langkawi International Airport, 07100 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

Phone: +60 4-955 1311

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